Rideshare Referral Guarantee

So, welcome to Uberreferralguarantee.net. Uber has switched the bonuses to a guaranteed platform, which basically means that after a specific amount of trips 30, 50 75, 100 trips they will guarantee you a certain amount. Now, you have to take into consideration, as you drive you are accumulating earnings. If your earning is less than the guaranteed amount, they will pay out the. If you hit the guaranteed amount, you’re not getting anything. So it’s it’s sad but that is unfortunately the truth. Those big fat referral days are over with Lyft and with Uber. If you have questions how to actually get a decent guarantee, please contact me. My details are underneath this video. I’m available 365. Online, I am under rideshareprofessor.com. I give you tons and tons of videos and show you how to make at least 20 to 30% more in the rideshare business. If you’re thinking of joining, my codes are in underneath and you will also get my coaching and mentoring included. Have a great day, thank you.

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